Holy Trinity is a Church of England Academy that educates children from a variety of religious backgrounds in a multicultural and multiracial community. We work together to promote tolerance and respect for others and to break down prejudice and mistrust.

The children are educated within the Christian values of the Church of England and in our collective worship we seek to proclaim that Jesus is Lord. All the major Christian festivals are celebrated, sometimes at school and on other occasions at Holy Trinity Church. It is hoped that parents will bring their children to join in worship at Holy Trinity Church at other times, but especially when children from school are taking part.

There is no intention to compromise or undermine the faith in which the children are being brought up. Our aim is to develop in all children an awareness, acceptance and appreciation of others through learning about each other’s customs and beliefs.

We encourage parents to join us during Collective Worship and celebrations.

An act of Collective Worship takes place every day. Parents are welcome to join us for any of our Collective Worship which follow this pattern:

  • Monday: Whole school worship 
  • Tuesday: Phase worship 
  • Wednesday: Hymn praise 
  • Thursday: Class worship
  • Friday: Phase merit worship

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of the Religious Education and Collective Worship provided. Please inform the Headteacher if you wish to exercise this right. Alternative provision can be arranged for children at these times.