Parents In School

We welcome parents into Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy. If you have some time to spare and would like to help in school, please let us know. There are often occasions when teachers would welcome a helping hand with cooking, sewing, art, hearing children read or just an extra pair of hands around the class.

If parents have any concerns at any point during the year the staff will make every effort to see you as soon as possible. It is best to come in after school as before school, teachers are very busy preparing for the school day.

It is always best to discuss everyday problems with the class teacher in the first instance as they are most likely to be able to deal with any problems. Appointments can be made following this to speak to a Phase Leader or member of the Senior Leadership Team.

It is inappropriate to try and deal with problems with a class of children or other parents around. Please be aware of other children and adults in school at all times.

At the start of the Autumn Term parents of Reception class children are encouraged to come into school in the morning and settle their children down and start them off on the task that they are expected to do first thing in the morning. Parents should bring their children into school in a calm and orderly manner so that they are ready to start work as soon as they get into the classroom. As soon as children are able to do so, parents should say goodbye at the door so that the children can become independent in their routines as soon as possible. Every minute is precious.

From Year 1 onwards we feel that the children are old enough to say goodbye to their parents at the door. They should be encouraged to be independent as soon as possible and therefore we encourage them to take responsibility for hanging up their coats, getting into class and starting their work, handing in their homework and starting their day’s learning as soon as possible.

Staff are available by their classes or in the playground for a few minutes after school every day. We see these times as a positive chance to sort out concerns as soon as possible. Please make use of this time.