The Local Academy Board, staff and a large majority of parents support the fact that at Holy Trinity Primary Academy we have a school uniform. We believe that all children should wear our school uniform and we would encourage parents to do their best to send their children in uniform and always have their P.E. kit in school.

We feel that uniform gives the children a feeling of belonging and also means that there is no competition with designer clothes.

It is possible to order uniform directly from Gognas in Rookery Road. School also has a few items of uniform which can be purchased through the year. However, it is possible to purchase items elsewhere, as long as they reflect the school colours as mentioned above. These will be perfectly suitable. Please make sure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We feel that it is important that our children look smart during their time at school. Looking smart also includes sensible hair styles. Tramlines, shaved areas that leave hair at different lengths, dyed hair or hair shaped into patterns are not allowed.


If children have pierced ears they should wear closed studs not hooped sleepers. If children come into school wearing jewellery, they or their parents will be asked to remove it and it will be placed in a sealed envelope which can be collected by the child at the end of the day. Persistent breaking of this rule will mean that jewellery is kept until it can be handed to a parent or responsible adult.

Watches are allowed but must be taken off for P.E.

Physical Activities

All children must take part in P.E. as part of the National Curriculum. It is very important that all children have a white tee-shirt or polo shirt and navy or black shorts to change into and a pair of pumps, without laces, when necessary. P.E. kit should be brought into school on the first day of every school week, usually Mondays and should be kept in school until Friday when it should be taken home to be washed ready for the start of the next week.

All children know which days they have P.E. and should make sure that they have P.E. kit in school on those days. Nursery, Reception and Infant classes display a notice saying which days are P.E. days. We hope this helps parents.

Please see below downloads for information on our school uniform