We recognise that spelling and word knowledge are key components in the process of learning to read and write. We use Spelling Shed as our spelling scheme to make learning these key skills fun and engaging for our children.

  • Spelling Shed provides an organised progression through the spelling and grammar objectives outlined in the National Curriculum for English.
  • Each class has a spelling lesson once a week. Each lesson focuses on learning a different spelling rule and includes both a main teaching activity and an independent application activity.
  • Every few weeks there are also challenge word sessions or revision sessions. These are intended to assess knowledge and apply previously taught spelling rules.
  • Pupils take home a different spelling list each week based on the spelling rule that has been taught in class. They are expected to practise these spellings further at home before completing a spelling test the following week.
  • Spelling tests are completed weekly and are used to assess pupils’ understanding of the spelling rule taught. Gaps are then identified, and an extra spelling session planned in that week for any child that requires further practise.